Allegra and Hana attended cosmetology school at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. Upon graduating, they were both accepted into the sought-after Seattle salon, Coupe Rokei. After completing their 2 year apprenticeship, they both became educators for the salon’s apprenticeship program, while also traveling the country, and continuing their education with Oribe, R&Co, Bumble and Bumble, Wella, LaBiosthetique, The Business of Balayage, and more. Allegra and Hana’s partnership organically came together, while dreaming of a space where they could create a more personal experience for their clientele. What makes Hana and Allegra such a sound team, is their mutual respect for one another as stylists, their collaborative approach with their clients, their dedication to continue to invest in their education, and staying current with the latest looks and techniques..

Allegra Lowe 


“To put it simply, Allegra is cool and naturally talented. Her passion for cutting, and styling, runs deep. She is a natural with the razor, and can create any beautiful, raw, gritty style while making it look effortless. If you’re in need of a style over-haul, Allegra’s your girl. She is equally invested in delivering beautiful hair color, as well. I am continuously inspired by her work.” -Hana

Hana Schaplow


“The attention to detail, and knowledge of her craft, is what makes Hana the real deal. Her talent and passion is recognized by many, as well as her dedication to making her clients feel and look their absolute best. Hana is a true artist when it comes to color. She delivers organic, dimensional shades with a classic feel that are both beautiful and unique. With her drive to stay current in the industry, she will never go out of style!” -Allegra